Sportswear photography of 2 models

Sportswear Photography

For many years I was fortunate to shoot sportswear photography for a well known activity clothing brand here in the South West UK – Lea Sportswear.  It was that long ago that initially everything was shot on film – the worrying days of Location Photography. Despite taking many Polaroids to check the lighting and action, one was never sure if that exact moment had been captured on film. It was only on returning to the UK and processing the film that you would find out what had happened! These film images were shot in the beautiful countryside of the Dordogne.

In the following year we started to use the digital format and things became a little less stressed, although the equipment at that time wasn’t up to today’s demanding standards. The ability to see the results as soon as the shot was taken was revolutionary to say the least.  

These shoots are a team effort involving the client, makeup artists if the budget stretched that far and of course the models. Being away for two weeks with 4 or 5 models and clients, working everyday in hot climates did have it’s challenging moments!