Hotel food photography scallops

Hotel Food Photography

The majority of my food photography shot for hotels and restaurants is takes place on location, mostly for logistical reasons. It is far easier for a chef to cook and prepare fine dining in his own environment. Certainly in my experience with my own food photography, there is no difference in the quality of the final image, shot in the studio or on location.

And that is the main issue here. The aim is to impress and inspire potential guests – for them to taste the food off the page, to heighten their senses and tase buds. It’s extremely important to get that feeling of quality and attention to detail across. 

Generally this is achieved as a team effort between chef, photographer and perhaps the stylist. It’s the chef’s dedication to his craft, together with the presentation and lighting which will make that plate of food come alive! Quality images are the first step in establishing the reputation and credentials of any Hotel.