The Importance of Product Photography

Excellent Product Photography is one of the most important elements in any marketing strategy. It’s an essential requirement when selling products direct to the Consumer. This can be online or offline, whether for e-commerce websites, catalogues, brochures or even billboards. Consistent high quality in all areas of presentation must be the ultimate goal for any successful expanding business.

No matter how sophisticated the consumer, they are first attracted by the visual elements, not the written copy. The product image is the key part of a consumer’s decision making process and therefore has a big influence on conversion and retention rates.

“90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual.” David Hyerle 2000

Stunning Product photography has many benefits. It helps to establish that first impression that is so important to the ongoing success of your business. The quality of your images helping to establish the credibility of your brand, encouraging maximum engagement and promoting trust and integrity in the product.

These images represent your view of your brand. To the consumer they demonstrate your level of pride and confidence you have in your brand. The perceived value and quality helping to build brand loyalty that is so important in a competitive marketplace. Clean, sharp and well lit images are one of the most important tools in establishing that long term relationship.

Why choose me to help with your Product Photography?

In a word Experience. I have had over 40 years experience shooting product and still-life photography for a wide range of clients, from large international companies to young entrepreneurs starting up fledgling businesses. The diverse range of Product Photography in this category, is testament to the wealth of experience I have had shooting this highly specialist discipline. Suffice to say these are all commissioned images. Photographed in the studio where lighting, backgrounds and content can be carefully controlled.

I place huge importance on attention to detail on every shoot, to highlight all the attributes of the product or pack. Consistent high quality photography has proven to be the reason why I have such a long standing relationship with my clients

Click on the images below to enlarge them. In most cases there will also be other examples associated with the shoot or that particular subject matter.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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