Ecommerce photography of 3 lady's handbags

Ecommerce photography

Don’t underestimate the power of good Ecommerce photography. It should have the power to capture your attention from a facebook or twitter feed and tempt you into browsing the online store.

In any ecommerce store, the image is the most impactful selling tool on the page. A good well lit image will attract the right customer and inspire confidence in the overall quality of the product and the integrity of the web site. More than that, a really well lit and finely executed image will result in less returns saving both money and time.

There are many styles of ecommerce photography – basically the white background approach or the lifestyle setting. The decision which route is best is very dependent on the type and cost of the merchandise that is being sold. Within the white background route there is also the choice of including a soft drop shadow to hold the item on the page. Whilst personally I prefer this approach, this method is not popular with many large online retailers. In fact one in particular, will reject any image that is not perfectly ‘cut out’ and does not fill at least 85% of the pure white space.

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